From Route 66 in Southeast Kansas to the Arikaree Breaks in Northwest Kansas, this is your guide to the Sunflower State.

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How to turn your office into an inspiration zone

Creating an inspiration zone for a high-screener For an inspiration zone in your office, studies show you need to have good lighting, appropriate colors and manage clutter. My clutter was unmanageable. I’ve added lots of color and plenty of inspiration. The dominant colors in here are red, blue, yellow and black. Every color means something. […]

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Goodland grasshopper invasion

Don’t fear the Goodland grasshopper

A farmer starts the gigantic Goodland grasshopper invasion The Goodland giant grasshopper invasion started with a farmer. Grasshoppers and farmers are an unusual combination. The reason is simple. Grasshoppers eat crops. Crops are a farmer’s source of income. Therefore, farmers don’t like grasshoppers. Except maybe as a gigantic sculpture. Don’t fear the grasshopper. It won’t

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Jack Weinstein's marker on Land and Sky Scenic Byway

Delayed: Jack Weinstein’s Medal of Honor

Weinstein denied the Medal of Honor due to his non-existent Jewish heritage Sgt. Jack Weinstein (WIN-steen) earned a Medal of Honor on October 19, 1951. However, because of his “Jewish heritage,” he never received the Medal. Sixty-three years later, President Barack Obama presented the Medal to Weinstein’s wife, Nancy. Sgt. Weinstein had survived the war

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